Toegevoegd op 14/09/2018

Energy Economics

ISBN: 9789033498169
Auteur: Stef Proost and Guido Pepermans

€ 25.00


Energy Economics is primarily a manual for (business) engineering and economics students who wish to develop an economic overview of contemporary energy issues. But it serves as well as a reference handbook for a wider interdisciplinary audience, such as scientists who have some notions of economics. The strategy and behavior of the principal players in the energy market are analyzed using simple economic models. The objective is to help the reader understand the institutions and driving forces of energy markets, make well-funded business decisions in the energy field, understand the motives behind regulations, price control, environmental regulations and assess their impacts, costs and benefit. The main topics covered in the book are the history and future of energy use, the optimal use of non-renewable energy resources, the economics of environment, energy efficiency and climate change, the functioning of the markets for coal, oil, gas, electricity and renewables.


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