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Essential Psychotherapies: theory and practice: third edition

ISBN: 9781462513543
Auteur: Stanley B. Messer, Alan S. Gurman

Wachtebeke of Gent
Nikita Van Landeghem

€ 25.00


Nieuwprijs: 39 euro "The leading survey text for basic psychotherapy courses, this book offers authoritative, engaging presentations of the 12 most important forms of psychotherapy practiced today. Prominent experts cover traditional treatments as well as influential models that have been developed relatively recently, giving students and practitioners a solid grasp of foundational theories, techniques, and research. Each chapter follows a common set of organizational guidelines; features illustrative vignettes and a full case example; and concludes with readings and resources to guide further study. New to This Edition Incorporates the latest clinical developments and research. Chapter on "third-wave" behavior therapies. Each chapter has expanded discussions of the role of the therapeutic relationship and the use of evidence-based practices. Concise chapters make the book even more instructor and student friendly"


Perfecte staat. Als nieuw. Niets in aangeduid.